Terms of Use


Charity No. 266052

Please read before completing the hire agreement for your event.

1. During the hire period, the HIRER shall be responsible for all aspects of the hall including its safety from damage and care of its contents including:

a) The prevention of behaviour which could be construed as a public nuisance
b) Ensuring events for young persons are adequately supervised, including compliance with The Children’s Act 1989 by seeing that only fit and proper persons have access to children.
c) Returning the hall and the adjacent area to a clean and tidy state
d) Locking the hall securely and turning out all lights on leaving the premises

2. All breakages and damage to the premises during the hire period are the responsibility of the HIRER and must be paid for.

3. The HIRER shall only use the hall for the purpose described in the hiring agreement and shall not sub-hire the hall or use it for any unlawful purposes including contravening the Betting, Gaming and Lottery laws, health and safety regulations, and Local Authority and Fire Service regulations.

4. Use of the Kitchen · Users of the kitchen are responsible for ensuring that they comply with all food safety standards and laws and that at least one person holds, as a minimum, a current Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.

The kitchen must be cleaned thoroughly and any food left must be removed, after use.

5. The HIRER is responsible for meeting the interests of local residents by ensuring: quiet arrival and departure and that the event concludes at the agreed time.

6. The HIRER is responsible for ensuring that there are no more than 200 persons in the building at any one time, to comply with the hall's public license.


7. The HIRER is responsible for essential hall safety and comply with all notices. This includes ensuring that fire escape doors and all passage ways are kept clear and that no fire hazards or highly flammable materials and substances are brought into the hall.

8. All electrical appliances brought onto the premises by the HIRER
must be safe and CE approved.

9. The HIRER and attendants must know how to call the Fire Brigade, where fire extinguishers are located and how to use them, and how to evacuate the hall. The Fire Brigade must be called in the event of any fire, however slight, and full details must be supplied to the committee.

10. The front car park is included in the hire of the hall for the period, however, the safety of the vehicles and contents are not the responsibility of the Trustees.

11. The HIRERS attention is drawn to the no smoking policy that applies throughout the premises and the need to enforce this to prevent the activation of smoke alarm detectors.

12. ALCOHOL - the Sale of Alcohol is not permitted by the current Premises License for the Centre and a Temporary Events Notice must be applied for from Taunton Deane Licensing Department and must be in place prior to your event.

The Trustees of Wiveliscombe Community Centre reserve the right to refuse any inappropriate hiring request; to have sight of any required documents pertaining to the hire including Temporary Events Notices and terminate any hire agreement if the Terms and Conditions are not adhered to.